Alpha is a weekly get together for 12 weeks that starts off with a meal together, movie and discussion. There is no pressure, no cost, and no commitment. You do not have to share in the discussion and you are free to express your opinions.

Alpha comments:

“My wife and I attended the Alpha Program.  Some of the discussions and conversations shared over the meals and in the small groups were openings for us, as man and wife, to talk about our faith in our home.  I believe as a result of the program that our faith lives were strengthened and will continue to strengthen as we now find it easier to discuss our beliefs, and together seek other opportunities to enhance our faith.” – Dave

“Great place for young people to reflect on our relationship with our peers, with others and with God.” – Josh

“I had no idea what to expect – I was surprised by how quickly the lives of the people at my table became important to me – and now I miss them. And I felt that Jesus was with us at the table, showing us how to love and care for each other.” -Jan


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