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Cantors lead the faithful in singing at all weekend liturgies, holy days, weddings, funerals, and special liturgies when no other musical group is present. Cantors usually sing once per month during the ministry season (September – June) and twice per month during the summer. The ministerial role of the cantor is one which is held in high regard and importance by the Second Vatican Council. Cantors are given their music about one month in advance to practice and then they rehearse with the Pastoral Associate for Worship the week before they sing.
Parish Choir
The Parish Choir leads the faithful in song and worship every weekend and most holy days and special events from September through Corpus Christi. Their ministry schedule is the first and third Sundays of the month at the 11:00 AM Mass and the second and fourth Sundays at the 8:00 AM Mass. If there is a fifth Sunday in the month, the choir usually has the weekend off.
Membership is open to men and women of high school age and older. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM in the St. Cecilia Music Hall in the Parish Life Center.
Saint Wendelin Ringers
The Saint Wendelin Ringers is our handbell choir for men and women who are high-school age and older. The Ringers play at liturgies, most commonly weekend Mass, usually once per month. The handbell choir sometimes travels to perform at local nursing homes during Christmastime to bring the joy of music to residents. Rehearsals are held from 6:30-8:00 PM on Tuesdays evenings in the church.
Contemporary Ensemble
The Contemporary Ensemble is a group that gives a contemporary flair to the music of the Church. The ensemble is comprised of vocalists, guitarists, piano, drums, and other instruments such as flute or clarinet. Their ministry schedule is the first and third Sundays of the month at the 8:00 AM Mass and the second and fourth Sundays at the 11:00 AM Mass. If there is a fifth Sunday in the month, the group usually has the weekend off.
Membership is open to all parishioners high school age or older. Rehearsals are held after the 8:00 AM Mass on the first and third Sundays of the month.
Children’s Choir
Under the former title of “Youth Choir,” our Children’s Choir is comprised of students in grades 1-8 from all our local schools. The Children’s Choir sings approximately every two months during the ministry year. Students learn singing techniques, musicianship, and deepen their spirituality in Children’s Choir. Rehearsals are held various times throughout the year.
Memorial Choir
The Memorial Choir minister to the bereaved by singing at funerals and the annual All Souls Day Parish Memorial Mass. All parishioners are welcome to join the Memorial Choir. Rehearsals are held in the church forty-five (45) minutes before each funeral Mass.
Instrumentalists enhance our liturgy with musical accompaniment during holy days and special liturgies throughout the year. Instrumentalists may also be asked to play for weddings and funerals. Open to any qualified musicians who seek to share their talents with our faith community. Any instruments – winds, brass, or strings are welcome!
Art and Environment Committee
The Art and Environment Committee seeks to design and prepare an environment in our church and gathering space that is conducive to prayer, celebration, and the spirit of each liturgical season. In particular, people skilled at various crafts and arts are important for the success of this committee. Extra help is always needed, especially prior to and during the Christmas and Easter seasons, to handle the large amount of work necessary to prepare the church for these special times of the year.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
These ministers assist the priests and deacons in distributing the Holy Eucharist at Mass and to the shut-ins of the parish in their homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. Training, formation, and commissioning by the Bishop of Toledo are necessary. EMHCs can sign up online or with the Weekend Coordinator to minister whenever they are available. We are especially in need of EMHCs to bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound.
Gift Bearers
Gifts Bearers carry the bread, wine, water, and monetary gifts to the altar in the course of our weekend Masses. Normally 2-4 people are needed per Mass for this task. This ministry is a great opportunity for families, especially those with young children, to get involved in the Mass.
Greeters create a welcoming environment for those attending weekend Masses and special liturgies at the church. They stand at the church doors greeting with a smile those who come to worship. They also may assist ushers if called upon to do so.
Our Lectors are members of the parish who proclaim the Word of God to the faith community at each liturgical celebration. Training and formation are required for becoming a lector. Those wishing to become a lector should contact the Pastoral Associate for Worship. Those who wish to be a lector should have the gift of public reading.
Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee is a group which focuses on the public prayer life of the St. Wendelin Catholic Community. The purpose of this committee is to prepare liturgical celebrations in line with the liturgical documents of the Second Vatican Council and other universal, national, and diocesan liturgical directives; strive to achieve maximum participation in public prayer; and foster a sense of the sacredness of the Church’s liturgical life. Membership is comprised of a cross-section of our community. Membership is by invitation and appointment of the Pastor or Pastoral Associate for Worship.
Mass Coordinators (Sacristans)
The Mass Coordinators (Sacristans) assist the priests by preparing the vessels and books before the weekend Masses as well as cleaning them after Mass. Specifically, this involves preparing the hosts, water, and wine among other details necessary for the Mass.
Sacristy Helpers
This is a group of people committed to laundering the servers’ albs and the communion linens.
Servers assist the priest at weekend and weekday Masses as well as at weddings and funerals. It is important to have parental support when a young person decides to become a server. Adult men and women are also invited to join this ministry, and are especially called upon for funerals when children are in school. Training sessions are provided throughout the year. Contact the Pastoral Associate for Worship if you would like to be trained as a server.
Hospitality should always be an outstanding characteristic of the Christian community. People need to feel welcome at the local parish level. The ushers render this service by welcoming and seating parishioners and visitors arriving for Mass. They also assist the handicapped, take up the offering of the faithful, and hand out bulletins after Mass.
Catholic Cemetery Committee
St. Wendelin Catholic Cemetery Committee meets quarterly to guide development, maintenance and policies of the parish cemetery.
Charitable Contributions Committee
An open committee, meeting quarterly, that promotes stewardship of time, talent and treasure to benefit various community service organizations. The committee’s ministry efforts mainly take the form of monthly bulletin information and prioritizing special collections.
Circle of Mercy
Open to all women of the parish, the purpose of the Circle of Mercy is to bring aid and comfort the afflicted and underprivileged.
Members minister by providing financial assistance in partially covering the cost of prescription medications for those in need and participating in various local programs to provide food for families in need.
Members visit the  poor, helpless, and ill as well as parishioner residents at the three local nursing homes.
Members provide suitable clothing for those children making their First Holy Communion whose families would find this expense to be an added burden.
Members provide flowers for the altar for First Holy Communion.
Members elect parishioners and ask them to be a part of Circle of Mercy.
En Camino
En Camino is the name given to those who join in the effort of helping our migrant and immigrant brothers and sisters who are “on the move” during the harvest season. It also provides aid to migrants who have settled out of the migrant stream. The three base communities of En Camino are Fremont, Fostoria and Toledo. In Fostoria and Fremont the physical, spiritual and educational needs of the people are tended to. In Toledo there is a concentration of aid toward legal matters.
Open to all on a volunteer basis. Our fantastic gardeners plant, water, and weed as well as help to complete the beautiful landscape and flower arrangements of the various areas inside and outside of St. Wendelin Parish.
Guadalupe Society
The Guadalupe Society promotes and celebrates Hispanic culture in the Church through prayer and out-reach. Members assist with the Novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Las Mañanitas, the Guadalupe Fiesta and Las Posadas.  The Guadalupe Society has an out-reach to migrants families at our neighborhood migrant camps.  They provide bereavement ministry when a Latino person dies as well as funeral food. Members work with the Diocese of Toledo when there are Hispanic events such as Spanish Cursillos for men and women. At Christmas time the group works with the St. Vincent de Paul Society and generous members of the parish to provide needy families with food, warm winter clothes and gifts.
Holy Communion Ministry to Nursing Homes and Shut-Ins
Members of this ministry bring Holy Communion and visit parishioners in the three local nursing homes as well as those parishioners who are unable to attend weekend Mass due to an illness or some other severe circumstance. Anyone who wishes to receive Holy Communion or knows someone who would like to receive Holy Communion should contact the Parish Office 419-435-6692 to be added to a list.
Prayer Chain
Any willing persons may help their brothers and sisters by responding to requests for intercessory prayer (that is, prayer asking for a particular blessing) and in turn passing the request on to the next member of the chain. Prayer chain requests are taken for family members only. Please call the Parish Office  419-435-6692 to be put in contact with organizers.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a service ministry involving members of the community who hope to give comfort and celebrate the love of God through the work of their hands, prayer and support. Some of the members knit, crochet and sew, while other members excel at presentations. As a shawl or lap robe is made, prayers are offered up for blessings and comfort for the recipient. After they are completed, they are brought to St. Wendelin Parish and presented for blessing. The blessed items are then wrapped and boxed for presentation to a person for comfort or celebration for many reasons. Many times, beads or a cross are added to the shawl to represent a decade of the rosary to help with prayers. Each prayer shawl has a label proclaiming that it has been prayerfully and lovingly created by the ministry. This ministry also provides “pocket” prayer shawls as a reminder to pray and can be kept in one’s pocket. They are available in baskets in the St. Jerome Library or the Eucharistic Chapel. Confirmation candidates as well as First Communion students receive a pocket prayer shawl at their retreat. Newly baptized babies may also receive a blessed blanket or afghan from this ministry. In order to request a shawl, please do so through the Parish Office 419-435-6692. This group is open to anyone interested and some members are even willing to teach knitting or crocheting.
Rosary Altar Society
A group of prayer and action, Rosary Altar Society helps St. Wendelin Parish to function on a week by week basis. Through their activities, Rosary Altar Society women help to pay for  the cost of new altar linens, hosts, wine, flowers, kitchen supplies and the like. Members also help care for altar linens, server albs, priests’ albs,  by washing  and ironing. An essential ministry is funeral dinners.  Lovingly prepared for parish families who experience a death of a loved one, Rosary Altar Society members cook, serve and clean-up funeral dinners (at cost) for our parish families.  Rosary Altar Society will also help with special occasion receptions and gatherings.
St. Joseph Workers
St. Wendelin Parish is blessed to have a group of ‘handy-men” who are retired or semi-retired who volunteer to do various maintenance and up-keep around the parish.  Their work usually consists of minor carpentry projects, painting, repairs and minor maintenance. If you would be interested in becoming a St. Joseph Worker for the parish, please call the Parish Office 419-435-6692.
St. Martha Workers
Saint Wendelin Parish is blessed to have a small group of women, St. Martha Workers, who are retired or semi-retired who volunteered to help with various housekeeping and upkeep items around the parish. If you would be interested in becoming a Saint Martha Worker for the parish, please call the Parish Office 419-435-6692.
St. Vincent dePaul Society
Our local St. Vincent dePaul Society joins with thousands of other St. Vincent dePaul Societies throughout our world to be the helping hands of Christ to the poor and needy.  St. Vincent dePaul Society is a lay organization of volunteers who are dedicated to “Helping Others During Their Time of Need.” This help comes regardless of race, color, creed or religious affiliation. Providing financial aid is a significant part of the ministry. In the past St. Vincent dePaul Societyy has help people in need in our community with utility bills, transportation, prescription drugs, food, clothing, housing/shelter, and other needs not covered by other agencies.  Saint Vincent dePaul Office is located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church at 201 W. Fremont Street,  Fostoria. Office Hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM- 12:00 noon. During other times and for emergencies, call 419-435-7259. The society is a not for profit organization relying on the generosity of parishioners to continue their ministry.

Bilingual Bible Study
This liturgically based Bible Study is held every Tuesday morning from 10-11:45 AM. Its aim is to prepare its participants for the Sunday liturgy. Both Spanish and English scriptures are read. Fellowship and faith- sharing are included. All are welcome.
Estudio Bilingüe de la Biblia
Este estudio de la Biblia, basada en la liturgia, se celebra todos los martes por la mañana 10-11:45 AM. Su objetivo es preparar los participantes para la liturgia dominical. Las escrituras se leen en español y en inglés. Convivencia y oportunidad para compartir la fe están incluidas. Todos son bienvenidos.
Divorce Care
Divorce Care is a weekly seminar and support group that helps people heal the hurt of divorce. It is a warm, caring environment led by people who understand what you are going through. Attendees will learn practical information to help deal with the challenges of divorce and in the process gain hope for the future. When the program is offered, the group meets Sundays from 6:30-8:30 PM from September through April. For more information call the Parish Office 419-435-6692.
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Team
This small group is composed of volunteers who have a desire to help others build a more intimate and loving relationship with Jesus Christ through Eucharistic Adoration. This team arranges for the promotion and sign up for Eucharistic Adoration.  They also will ensure that all Holy Hours of devotion are filled and honored. Through their efforts, and in cooperation with many parishioners, the chapel is available for prayer and devotion many hours during the day.
Secular Franciscan Order
This is a religious order founded by St. Francis of Assisi. A Secular Franciscan is a person devoted to the ideals of St. Francis. Fully a part of the world, these lay men and women seek to live in the spirit of Son of God and provide an example of what it means to be joyous in Christian love of one another. Not a social organization, this is a spiritual group of people who seek to better live the Gospel in today’s ever changing world. They devote themselves to following the Franciscan Rule, a way of life given by St. Francis and approved by the Catholic Church. The group meets monthly at Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in Carey. Contact the Parish Office for contact information 419-435-6692.
Vocations Chalice
St. Wendelin Parish encourages creative and useful ways to foster and support vocations to the priesthood, religious life and diaconate from within our parish. To that end, in 1975, the Vocation Chalice was inaugurated. Families host the Vocation Chalice for one week and then pass it on to another family. The Chalice is a chalice that is accompanied by prayers that reflect upon vocations, which the family prays together during the week that they host it. The parish group recruits the families to host the Chalice, and hosts are reminded of their turn via mail and the parish bulletin. This group meets six to eight times throughout the year.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a method of spiritual formation for children ages 3-5 that takes place in a specially-designed environment called “The Atrium” and introduces them to the Bible and the Liturgy. The children attend a weekly session from October-May in a group of 8-10 with a catechist who has received special formation in this Montessori-based method. Helpers are always needed in various ways: making materials, caring for the Atrium, as assistants and as catechists.
English As A Second Language Class
English is taught to members of the Spanish-speaking community by Sister Elizabeth Maria on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning at 10 AM. All classes are held in Sister’s office on the second floor of the Parish Life Center. The program used is called Ingéls Sin Barreras. It consists of a video series of 12 levels with four lessons in each level. Included are textbook and a workbook for each level. Classes are offered at different times depending on the availability of the existing students.
Inglés Como Segunda Idioma
Inglés se enseña a los miembros de la comunidad de habla española por la Hermana Elizabeth María los lunes y jueves por la mañana a las 10 AM. Todas las clases se llevan a cabo en la oficina de la hermana en el segundo piso del Centro de Vida Parroquial. El programa utilizado se llama Ingéls Sin Barreras. Consiste en una serie de videos de 12 niveles con cuatro lecciones en cada nivel. Incluidos son los libros de texto y un libro para cada nivel. Las clases se ofrecen en diferentes momentos dependiendo de la disponibilidad de los estudiantes existentes.

Welcome! Saint Wendelin’s Ministry of Education program Christ Centered Discipleship (CCD) is held 2 times each month – the second Sunday of the month from 9:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and the third Wednesday of the month 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
On Sundays, a “whole community catechesis model” of learning brings together people of all ages to learn from each other by meaningful conversations about topics of faith. Sessions are coached by a coach-catechist who helps direct the conversation to a moment of learning.
On Wednesday’s, parents and children of grades kindergarten through 6 are joined together for a more specific conversation regarding religious subject matter that is age appropriate. These sessions are coached by a coach-catechist who helps direct the conversation to a moment of significant learning.
“Continuing the Conversation” is an opportunity for parents and children to learn about the faith at home. Supplies are given to each household to “continue the conversation” which was begun on Sunday and Wednesday during the months.
Christ Centered Discipleship (CCD) on Sundays includes breakfast for free.
Christ Centered Discipleship (CCD) builds on Baptism, that parents are the first and best teachers of the faith to their children. Sessions are a vital means of helping parents pass on the faith to their children. Growing in the faith and interpersonal relationship with the Lord is a lifelong process. Children especially need the example, support and encouragement of their parents on this journey of life.
Our Pastoral Associates for Catechetical Formation are here to assist parents in the spiritual formation and ongoing moral development of their children. Our initiatives are structured to provide catechetical instruction on the Catholic faith, opening all to a deeper understanding of discipleship of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. Participants will go deeper through experiencing the holy Mass, prayer and the grace of the sacraments. We seek mature discipleship as our ultimate goal so that disciples will be moved to share time, talent and treasure in the life of the church, the community in which we live, and our world.
Please contact our Pastoral Associates for Catechetical Formation if you would like more information about our Ministry of Education: Christ Centered Discipleship (CCD) 419-435-6692.
RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
The RCIA is a process of initiation into the Christian way of life, specifically in the Roman Catholic tradition.  RCIA consists of Rites celebrated within our church community and combined with spiritual instruction and faith formation. RCIA strives toward a conversion of heart and mind that take place at the candidate’s own pace and according to his or her spiritual needs. RCIA involves the participation and support of the church community, whose members, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, come to find their individual faith and baptismal call renewed and refreshed. Practicing Catholics are welcomed to attend sessions for spiritual enrichment.
Our RCIA journey for inquirers begins at any time. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, please contact the Parish Office 419-435-6692.
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School (Kindergarten through 4th Grade) is an opportunity for young people to dedicate a week of summer-time vacation to learning more about the Bible and the importance of its lessons for our day to day lives. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, filled with a different activities that are based on a “theme”. This ministry always needs volunteers young and old to help. Daily sessions are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. and are finished before 12:00 noon.
Youth Groups: High School and Junior High
St. Wendelin Parish organizes a High School Youth Group made up of students from all our area high schools. Watch the bulletin for schedule of events and listen for Mass announcements about activities. YDisciple is an apprenticeship formation program for High School students to discuss and learn about their faith in small groups. When offered, YDisciple meets weekly.
St. Wendelin Parish also organizes a Junior High School Youth Group form from the area Jr. Hi./Middle Schools. See the bulletin for events and listen for Mass announcements about activities.
Please contact Jessica Pohmoeller, Pastoral Associate for Catechetical Formation for more information. Follow us on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Northwest Ohio Teens for Life: Committed to believing God’s gift life should be honored and respected from natural conception to natural death,  this group of teens pray, witness and act to promote “life” as God intends it to be lived. Watch the Parish Bulletin for activities and announcements.

55+ Club
55+ Club s is a social organization of St. Wendelin Parish for persons age 55 and over. One person of a couple must be Catholic. The 55+Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall for a simple business meeting, social, bid euchre and refreshments. A Mass is offered for the living and deceased members of the club – on the third Wednesday of November each year at 5:15 p.m. with a Harvest Banquet held afterwards. New friends are always welcome.
Just Friends
Just Friends is an ecumenical social group of single men and women over eighteen who do not like to do things alone. A calendar listing of a wide range of activities is issued monthly and members select the activities that interest them. Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at 5:15 PM in the Emmaus Room at St. Wendelin Parish. New friends are always welcome.
St. Wendelin Parish Festival Committee
St. Wendelin Parish Festival Committee plans and organizes our annual parish festival that is held in early June.
Sunday Morning Fellowship Plus+
Sunday Morning Fellowship Plus+ is our opportunity to gather together coffee, donuts & fruit for fellowship and to learn more about people and places that we wish to support in prayer and, perhaps, finances. Representatives from various organizations will be with us to explain what the organization does and how we may be able to help. Organizations such as St. Vincent dePaul, Knights of Columbus, Sharing Kitchen, and others will be invited to come and spend time with us after Sunday morning Masses. We welcome the opportunity to support these organizations and their good works. If you have an organization you would like to learn more about, contact the Parish Office 419-435-6692 and speak to our Pastoral Associate for Parish Leadership, Jon Hay.

Please contact our Pastoral Associate for Catechetical Formation, for more information. Follow us on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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