Leader in Me newsletter

I am grateful to God that we have been able to provide an excellent Catholic Education for the newly graduated class of 2016, as well as those who fill the ranks of the classes behind them. There are new and exciting days ahead. St. Wendelin Catholic School is embarking on an exciting, student-driven leadership initiative. The Leader in Me© is Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People© principles developed for students in grade school through high school.

I am pleased that The Leader in Me’s blueprint into leadership education will commence for our school beginning June 2016. Our belief has always been in educating the whole child and preparing them for life. It’s amazing to think that these leadership skills which have been taught in corporate boardrooms and industries throughout the nation and around the world are coming to our school to help our students become ingrained in the seven habits, preparing them to be successful leaders in a competitive 21st century workforce and in other life opportunities.

This is more than a program. It is truly a cultural change that will certainly impact the lives of our students, teachers, parents and community. This is the kind of change that occurred when we transformed the face of education by introducing technology into the classroom. Just as technology changed the classroom forever, so will The Leader in Me initiative.

God Bless,
Fr. Todd Dominique




This month we focus of Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind. Classes are creating class mission statements and students are creating personal and academic goals.

Here is something to consider at home.

Family Mission Statements

By Dr. Johan and Jane Covey (theeaderinmeonline.org)

Mission statements have long been a part of organizations; they provide a clear path for what the organization wants to accomplish and how they plan to go about doing it. Yet, seldom does a family take the time to write a mission statement, and what organization is more important than the family? By establishing who you are as a family, how you want to be known, and how you plan to do it, you are practicing Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind. The process is a great way to practice all of the 7 Habits.

Step 1. Ask yourself these seven questions: How do we want our family to be known? How do we want to treat each other? What is most important to us as a family? What are some of our talents, gifts, and abilities? What makes us the happiest? What makes us unhappy? What kind of home do we want to invite friends to?

Step 2. Write Your Family Mission Statement. Consider all four areas: body (health and physical welfare), brain (learning), heart (relationships), and soul (inspiration). Keep it simple, one to two lines, so the youngest family members can memorize it and find it meaningful. Examples: “We are builders,” “No empty chairs,” “To serve others,” “All for one and one for all,” etc.

Step 3. Stay on course. As parents, you are the role models. Keep smiling and getting back on track.

The promise: By writing a Family Mission Statement, the message to your children is that your family is important—you know what you stand for and how you are going to work together to accomplish it.