Ministries of Service


Catholic Cemetery Committee

St. Wendelin Catholic Cemetery Committee meets quarterly to guide development, maintenance and policies of the parish cemetery.

Charitable Contributions Committee

An open committee, meeting quarterly, that promotes stewardship of time, talent and treasure to benefit various community service organizations. The Committee’s promotional efforts mainly take the form of monthly bulletin information and collections.

Circle of Mercy

The purpose of the Circle of Mercy is to:

Aid and comfort the afflicted and underprivileged, by providing financial assistance in partially covering the cost of prescription medications for those in need and participating in various local programs to provide food for families in need.

Visit the primarily Catholic poor, helpless and ill residents at the three local nursing homes each month.

Provide suitable clothing for those children making their First Holy Communion whose families would find this expense to be an added burden.

Provide flowers for the altar for First Holy Communion.

Members elect parishioners and ask them to be a part of Circle of Mercy.

En Camino

En Camino is the name given to those who join in the effort of helping our migrant and immigrant brothers and sisters who are on the move during the harvest season. It also provides aid to migrants who have settled out of the migrant stream. The three bases of En Camino are Fremont, Fostoria and Toledo. In Fostoria and Fremont the physical, spiritual and educational needs of the people are tended to. In Toledo there is a concentration of aid toward legal matters.


Open to all on a volunteer basis. Our fantastic gardeners plant, water, and weed as well as help to complete the beautiful landscape and flower arrangements of the various areas inside and outside of St. Wendelin Parish.

Guadalupe Society

The members of the Guadalupe Society work to keep the Hispanic culture alive. They assist at the novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Las Mañanitas, the Guadalupe Parish Fiesta and Las Posadas. They also help the parish by having a Mexican dinner during the festival and providing soup and bread at the Tuesday evening Lenten dinners. Migrant Ministry is also part of what they do; they provide Mexican food to assist the Funeral Dinner Committee when a Latino person dies. And members work with the diocese when there are Hispanic events such as Spanish Cursillos for men and women. At Christmas time the group works with St. Vincent de Paul Society, members of the parish and school to provide needy families with food, warm winter clothes and gifts.

Health Ministry

This program seeks to empower people to become more active partners in managing their personal health care resources. The Health Ministry provides a variety of services to meet the many needs of the parish. Both nurses and lay people help provide these services. Everyone in the parish can benefit from this program and it is open to all ages. There are no restrictions or charges for these services, and all information is confidential. The Parish Nurse has office hours at the Parish Life Center on a regular basis. Please contact the Parish Office for current hours.

Nursing Home Ministry

Members of this ministry serve communion and visit parishioners in the three local nursing homes or those parishioners to our unable to make it to Mass due to an illness or some other severe circumstance. Anyone who wishes to receive communion or knows someone who would like to should contact the Parish Office to be added to a list.

Parish Office Helpers

These volunteers are called upon by the Parish to assist in routine but vital office tasks such as the preparation of parish mailings or the stuffing of Sunday bulletins.

Prayer Chain

Any willing persons may help their brothers and sisters by responding to requests for intercessory prayer (that is, prayer asking for a particular blessing) and in turn passing the request on to the next member of the chain. Prayer chain requests are taken for family members only. Please call the Parish Office to be put in contact with organizers.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a service ministry involving members of the community who hope to give comfort and celebrate the love of God through the work of their hands, prayer and support. Some of the members knit, crochet and sew, while other members excel at presentations. As a shawl or lap robe is made, prayers are offered up for blessings and comfort for the recipient. After they are completed, they are brought to St. Wendelin Parish and presented for blessing. The blessed items are then wrapped and boxed for presentation to a person for comfort or celebration for many reasons. Many times, beads or a cross are added to the shawl to represent a decade of the rosary to help with prayers. Each prayer shawl has a label proclaiming that it has been prayerfully and lovingly created by the ministry. This ministry also provides “pocket” prayer shawls as a reminder to pray and can be kept in one’s pocket. They are available in baskets in the St. Jerome Library or the Eucharistic Chapel. Confirmation candidates as well as First Communion students receive a pocket prayer shawl at their retreat. Newly baptized babies may also receive a blessed blanket or afghan from this ministry. In order to request a shawl, please do so through the Parish Office. This group is open to anyone interested and some members are even willing to teach knitting or crocheting.

Rosary Altar Society

Through various activities, these women parishioners help defray the cost of altar linens, hosts, flowers, kitchen supplies, etc. Members of the society have formed a Funeral Dinner Committee. The committee, upon request from the bereaved family, prepares a dinner (at cost), which is served after the funeral services for the deceased family and friends in the Parish Hall.

St. Joseph Workers

At St. Wendelin Parish, we have a group of ‘handy-men” who are retired or semi-retired who volunteer to do various maintenance and up-keep things around the parish from minor carpentry projects, painting, and more. If you would be interested in becoming a St. Joseph Worker for the parish, please call the Parish Office.

St. Vincent dePaul Society

This organization of volunteers from the parish is dedicated to “Helping Others During Their Time of Need”, regardless of race, creed, or color. Aid is provided with utility bills, transportation, prescription drugs, food, clothing, housing/shelter, and other needs not covered by other agencies. Saint Vincent dePaul Office is located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church at 201 W. Fremont St., Fostoria. Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM- 12:00 noon. During other times and for emergencies, call 419-435-7259.