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“We beseech you, almighty God, that those you renew by your Sacraments may merit to become the pleasing fragrance of Christ. Who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.” -Chrism Mass Prayer After Communion

The newly confirmed 8th grade students attended the Chrism Mass at Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo on March 27th. They witnessed all of the priests of the diocese renewing their priestly vows and the blessing & consecrating of the holy oils. The students are pictured here with the oils before Mass began. Please pray that these students, as well as all others who are anointed with these sacred oils, might become the “pleasing fragrance of Christ” wherever they go!

Prayer Pal Lunch

Honors Assembly

Safety Day at SWCS

Kindergarten Celebration

Cupcake Rosary

4th graders enjoying their “Pasta for Pennies” from Olive Garden

Leadership Day 2018

PJ Day

Snow White Variety Show – Spring 2018


 A big thank you to:  Britt Lanicek Photography
for providing the pictures!

A huge thank you to the Fostoria City Firemen and Policemen that came to visit and interact with our students!  We are thankful for their dedication and service to our community!

On Thursday, February 22nd, the 7th grade religion class read Ephesians 6:10-20 and learned about how our lives on earth are a spiritual battle in the Church Militant! They then armed themselves with the Sword of the Spirit, the Shield of Faith, and the Helmet of Salvation, just to name a few! The students then reflected on their own lives of faith and the role that they play in this battle between good and evil!

The 6th grade religion class applied the story of the Israelites and the Wall of Jericho to their own lives. Each student received a block and was asked to write on the block anything that makes it difficult for them to become a saint and go to heaven. The blocks were used to create a wall that the students destroyed using balls labeled with their spiritual “weapons” – for example, prayer, grace, virtues, the Sacraments, and community! The students learned how to combat those things in their lives that threaten to keep them from the Promised Land of heaven!

Mrs. Craddolph’s six grade science class dissecting frogs.

Lent Retreat

Valentines Day! 

Daily Activities at SWCS

Celebrating 100 Days of School

Awards and Activities

Catholic Schools Week -2018