Booster Groups:

St. Wendelin Fine Arts Boosters (aka Music Boosters) F.A.B.:

   …in supporting the finest music and drama programs possible.  The F.A.B. encourages more attention, interest, and excellence in action for St. Wendelin Catholic School vocal and instrumental programs alongside the St. Wendelin Children’s Theatre (SWCT) and theatre arts. F.A.B. encourages our students to reach their utmost in excellence as they create and perform their artistic development.  All parents and guardians interested in the goals of the music program at St. Wendelin Catholic School who pledge to uphold the objective and policies of St. Wendelin Catholic School’s Fine Arts Boosters, are eligible to be a part of this fun and exciting organization.

Please contact: Celia Stockton, General Music Faculty, to join the group or gather more information.  419-435-8144  Ext. 319

St. Wendelin Parent Association SWPA

The St. Wendelin Parent’s Association works diligently hand in hand with our school to help provide additional opportunities for our children.  In the past we have supported the school through retreats, honoring our teachers during Catholic Schools Week, outside activities which include bowling nights, the annual Easter Egg Hunt, the purchase and construction of the playground along with the moving of it to its new location, helping to provide funding for a new reading program and many, many more.  We take pride in being able to offer our school and our children our time and energy for the well being of all.

St. Wendelin School Advisory Commission

The St. Wendelin School Advisory Commission is a consultative body concerned with the educational mission and processes which affect the St. Wendelin system and its students. In contrast to a public school board, which acts as a legislative body, the Schools Advisory Commission offers counsel to the building principals and pastor in matters not determined by law. Members assist in areas such as formulation of policy, future planning, and assuring a positive educational vision and overseeing the strategic plan.

Members of the commission are elected or appointed. Members are elected or appointed for a three-year term, with the possibility of a second consecutive term. Members of the commission should have a commitment to Catholic education and an interest and concern for the welfare of our parochial school system. Elections are held annually, usually in May.

Fr. Todd Dominique – SW Senior Pastor
Jon Hay – Parish Manager
Teresa Kitchen – SW principal
Kim Jones – President
Mick Badik – President Elect
Tina Weaver – Secretary

Brittney Lanicek
Cathy Krupp
Shawn Earl
Amber Moes
Judy Pusateri

St. Wendelin Mohawk Club

The Mohawk Club is under the direction of Ryan Seibert.  The Mohawk Club has a long history of supporting SW Athletics and anyone interested in helping in their efforts is encouraged to contact the school on details of how volunteers are needed.

Fostoria Athletic Boosters

The Fostoria Athletic Boosters is committed to helping Fostoria and St. Wendelin athletes by providing support to help make them successful.  We continue to receive support from the Athletic Boosters and we highly recommend you continue to support this unique organization that has been outstanding for our school and community.