Stewardship Program

Here at St. Wendelin Catholic School we are committed to helping form strong Catholic men and women. We want to form students who have a deep understanding of their faith, who love God, and who out of their understanding and love desire to serve. In order for students to see the value of service, we require students to perform service hours. We hope that through these activities they will encounter and recognize Christ in other people around them, especially the poor and needy. We hope students will meet people who are different from themselves so that the students might have a wider worldview and might look outside of themselves to see the needs of others. We hope students will develop a passion for helping those around them and that this will influence the way they live the rest of their lives. Our world needs people like you to make a difference and here at St. Wendelin Catholic School we believe that we can be that difference. The spark of a difference we make here in Fostoria can spread throughout our world and set the world on fire.