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New Parish/School Alerts Program

We are moving from the Honeywell alert system to a new alert program.  The new program is call One Call.  Please email Julie Bulkowski (julie.bulkowski@stwendelin.org) to send her your Name, Cell phone number, Land Phone number, and email address.  Please note we will be contacting parents ONLY.  We will not add students to this contact list.  Once your account is added you will be asked to “OPT-IN” to receiving text messages by texting the word “Alert” to the number 22300

Please allow time to add your contact information before Opting-in to the text alerts.

Morning Procedure:

Doors open at 7:30 AM and school begins at 8:00 AM.

Drop off child(ren) by the name door in the South Parking Lot. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD(REN), if you park your car, please walk your child up to the door.

Students arriving after 8:00 AM will receive a late pass from the school office and will be marked tardy. Students arriving late will need to have a parent bring them into the building to sign them in.

Afternoon Procedure:

School is dismissed at 3:00 PM.

Students who are picked up will meet their parent in the school parking lot. Please walk up to get your child if you are not using the car line.

Students who ride the bus will be dismissed at 2:40 PM.

School Handbook:

With school safety, student learning and teacher/family communication as our highest priorities, we have revised the School Handbook so that it lays out the policies and the procedures that we will follow during the 2018-2019 school year. You will be able to access the Handbook effective the first day of school. Please read through the handbook with your child and sign the form stating that you have read and understand our policies.


SWCS scholars probably wear school uniforms according to our dress code. Dress code will be enforced this year and we appreciate your attention to detail before you send your child to school. Families can purchase school uniforms at Lands’ End or Kohls (French Toast Brand).

Cafeteria News:

Breakfasts and Lunches are available to all students.

Breakfast is served between 7:30-7:50 AM and costs $1.75. If your child is eating breakfast at school, please make sure they arrive before 7:45 AM.

Lunches cost $2.75 for grades K-5 and $3.00 for grades 6-8.

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PROGRESSBOOK LINK: This link has been updated from previous school years. Please do not use a saved link. Instead, use the link provided under “parents/students” on this site. Thank you!

TRIP/Scrip Programs

Participation in the TRIP/Scrip program saves money for not only does, but also the parish as well. It is an easy way to give back with you every day purchases! Click here for more information.