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Link to our T.R.I.P. information.

Volunteer coaches are needed for track. Contact Shane Burnworth
     (shane.burnworth@stwendelin.org/ 419-435-8144) for more details.
Monday, March 11 ~ Drama Club @ 3:05p
Tuesday, March 12 ~ No Drama Club
Wednesday, March 13 ~ Mass (K-8) @ Church @ 9:00a/ Swim (3) @ YMCA @ 10:15a/ Hope
    House (6-8) @ 12:00p
Thursday, March 14 ~ Adoration (K-8)/ Drama Club @ 3:05p
Monday, March 18 ~ Drama Club @ 3:05p
Tuesday, March 19 ~ Drama Club @ 3:05p
Wednesday, March 20 ~ Mass (K-8) @ Church @ 9:00a/ Swim (3) @ YMCA @ 10:15a/ Project
    More @ FIS @ 1:00p
Wednesday, March 20 – Friday, March 22 ~ BOGO Scholastic Book Fair
Thursday, March 21 ~ Drama Club @ 3:05p
Friday, March 22 ~ End of 3rd quarter

Vacation Bible School Director Needed

A Volunteer Director is needed for VBS this summer. Shellie Gabel will assist in organizing. Please contact her (419-435-6681; shellie.gabel@stwendelin.org) as soon as possible if you can help.


The official announcement to close the school at the end of this academic year has prompted many questions to circulate among our faith community, such as: What will happen to the Countyline Street property after the close? What will happen to the contents of the Countyline Street property, particularly the sports and other memorabilia? What are we doing to help families transition to a new school? What are we doing to assist those losing their jobs? Where will our CCD students be educated? Where will the festival be held after this year? Will we have a festival at all? What is the St. Wendelin Schools Educational Foundation doing with the remaining funds The short answer to these questions is… please be patient.

Much has been done in the last few weeks and hard work will continue to take place going forward, but these things take time. Though complete details cannot be shared yet, I can assure you that we are working on each of these concerns and more. We are meeting with representatives from our neighboring schools and are planning visits for our families. We’ve reached out to the diocesan human resource and schools’ departments for employment and other assistance. Pastoral Council and Finance Council are meeting to discern how best to facilitate our Religious Education program and more. The Festival Committee is already hard at work lining up vendors and rides for the 2019 festival. The St. Wendelin Schools Educational Foundation is meeting to put forth a plan to be announced soon to provide monetary assistance to families to attend a Catholic school of their choice. As for our property, we are forming a special committee, specifically to discern how best to manage the dissipation of our plant and materials (i.e. memorabilia, sports items, equipment, etc.). If you are interested in serving on the Property Committee, please click HERE to sign up or contact me directly (jon.hay@stwendelin.org; 419-435-6692 x402). The Property Committee is a short-term, advisory subcommittee of the Finance Council. Its goal is to identify and recommend the best use for St. Wendelin assets that are no longer needed.

Rest assured, we are diligently working on complete answers to these questions and more. We will have specific information in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please be patient and continue to pray with us as we work through these challenges together.

In Christ,

Jonathan Hay


Throughout the month of January, students will be covering Internet safety in Mrs. Antonia Frohnen’s technology classes. Parents are encouraged to speak to students about the need to be careful on the Internet. Below are suggestions and websites that parents and students can explore for more information.

Students will learn the “Cyber Five” (i.e. five helpful rules to be safer on Internet) with a short animation that can be found at www.abcya.com/cyber_five_internet_safety.htm. The “Cyber Five” rules are: 1) Never give out personal information. 2) Don’t download alone; avoid viruses. 3) Don’t respond to a bully. 4) Copy and paste. Save it and print. Keep the evidence. 5) If you feel uncomfortable with what you see, tell an adult you trust.

Additional safety rules include don’t overshare, don’t disclose your address, don’t talk to strangers, don’t arrange meetings without permission from your parents, tell an adult about anything or anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable.

FBI Cyber Surf Islands: https://sos.fbi.gov/

PBS Kids: http://pbskids.org/webonauts/

Brainpop Internet Safety Video: https://jr.brainpop.com/artsandtechnology/technology/internetsafety/

Brainpop Internet Safety Quiz: https://jr.brainpop.com/artsandtechnology/technology/internetsafety/hardquiz/

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