Happenings around school we want to share!

Have you thanked your volunteers lately? Our many volunteers at the school and church help make our ministries come alive. Let’s give them back a portion of what they give to us!

Jeannette Lee and Lorena Perez are spearheading a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Sunday, April 15th after the 10:00 AM Mass in the Parish Hall. The breakfast will be provided by staff.

The link below has a list of items needed and positions that need filled for the day of the event. Please give as much as you are able. If you cannot donate an item, please consider donating a monetary gift for items to be purchased with.

Sign Up Link: Sign up here!

This breakfast is for ALL of our volunteers. Please make sure you communicate with the volunteers who help you. Attached is an invitation that can be forwarded to them. We ask they RSVP if possible to help us get a headcount.

The SWCS kindergartners will also be providing fellowship that day so it should be a wonderful day of COMMUNITY and COLLABORATION!

Happenings around school we want to share!

Link to our T.R.I.P. information.

Kindergarten screening at St. Wendelin Catholic School will take place on Wednesday, March 14th. All children who are 5 years of age on or before August 1, 2018 are eligible to enter kindergarten in the fall of 2018.

Please contact Celia Stockton, Director of Enrollment, (419-435-8144 x319 · enrollment@stwendelin.org) to begin the enrollment process.

The Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship application window is now open. Please make arrangements to meet with Tami Honse during the month of March to complete the application process. For eligibility requirements, please see the attachment provided with this newsletter. There will NOT be another opportunity to apply in the summer as in years past. All materials must be finished and submitted by April 30th. Be sure you have contacted Celia Stockton and completed the Intent to Enroll and Family Covenant form before contacting Tami Honse.

To get started today, please contact Tami Honse (419-435-6692 x307 · tami.honse@stwendelin.org) or stop by her office, located at the church. Evening and weekend appointments available!

Open Enrollment for SWCS is open. Please contact Celia Stockton (419-435-8144 x319 · enrollment@stwendelin.org) to begin the enrollment process.

Family Catechesis Night for grades 6-8 is on Wednesday, March 7th at 6.45 PM in the cafeteria at St. Wendelin Catholic School. One parent is asked to attend with their student.

Parents and students in grade 1 will host “Parish-To-School Connection Fellowship” on Sunday, March 11th after all Masses. Please stop by for some delicious doughnuts, coffee and juice.

Students in grades K-8 recently met in Family Groups to learn more about the Stations of the Cross. Each group received a poster board, pictures of each of the 14 Stations, and an item (such as a Band-Aid, a tissue or a Miraculous Medal) which helped to explain the meaning behind each Station. Each group’s task was to match the items with the Stations and, in doing so, to learn more about our Savior’s journey to the Cross for our salvation. Students will meet again in Family Groups over the coming weeks to write reflections on each of the Stations and to pray the Stations together!

Sixth grade religion students applied the story of the Israelites and the Wall of Jericho to their own lives. Each student received a block and was asked to write on the block anything that makes it difficult for them to become a saint and go to heaven. The blocks were used to create a wall that the students destroyed using balls labeled with their spiritual “weapons” which included prayer, grace, virtues, the Sacraments, and community! The students learned how to combat those things in their lives that threaten to keep them from the Promised Land of heaven!

Seventh grade religion students read Ephesians 6:10-20 and learned our lives on earth are a spiritual battle in the Church Militant Students then armed themselves with the Sword of the Spirit, the Shield of Faith, and the Helmet of Salvation, just to name a few! The students then reflected on their own lives of faith and the role that they play in this battle between good and evil!



Throughout the month of January, students will be covering Internet safety in Mrs. Antonia Frohnen’s technology classes. Parents are encouraged to speak to students about the need to be careful on the Internet. Below are suggestions and websites that parents and students can explore for more information.

Students will learn the “Cyber Five” (i.e. five helpful rules to be safer on Internet) with a short animation that can be found at www.abcya.com/cyber_five_internet_safety.htm. The “Cyber Five” rules are: 1) Never give out personal information. 2) Don’t download alone; avoid viruses. 3) Don’t respond to a bully. 4) Copy and paste. Save it and print. Keep the evidence. 5) If you feel uncomfortable with what you see, tell an adult you trust.

Additional safety rules include don’t overshare, don’t disclose your address, don’t talk to strangers, don’t arrange meetings without permission from your parents, tell an adult about anything or anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable.

FBI Cyber Surf Islands: https://sos.fbi.gov/

PBS Kids: http://pbskids.org/webonauts/

Brainpop Internet Safety Video: https://jr.brainpop.com/artsandtechnology/technology/internetsafety/

Brainpop Internet Safety Quiz: https://jr.brainpop.com/artsandtechnology/technology/internetsafety/hardquiz/

St. Wendelin Catholic School
34th Annual Action Auction
March 17, 2018

St. Wendelin Catholic School is asking for your help and would greatly appreciate donations of new merchandise, cash, or gift cards/certificates for the upcoming 34th Annual Action Auction.

This annual event helps to fund educational programs and necessary yearly school improvements at St. Wendelin Catholic School.

Tickets will be available starting January 15th in the Parish Office.

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